Prices (all types of massage)

120 mins $201.00
90 mins $159.00
60 mins $108.00


6 x 60 mins $612.00 ($102.00 per massage, saving you $36.00 on six massages)

* Conditions apply. Pre-purchased massages must be used within 9 months of initial purchase.
Should you be unable to use all your pre-purchased massages, refunds will only be given on remaining massages. The total of this refund will be the total amount paid minus the full, regular fee normally applicable for massages already used, at the time they were used. Refunds will be paid according to the original payment method and will be paid seven bank days after request for refund is made. Refunds can only be made using the same method of payment as the original purchase.
E.g. Stevie purchased 6 massages for $612.00 on 16/01/2024. Stevie enjoyed three massages, before moving to Western Australia for work on 12/04/24.

Stevie would receive a refund of $612.00 (purchase price at the time of purchase) – 3 x $108.00 (regular price for those massages) = $288.00.
Touch of Healing would refund Stevie $288.00 on 19/04/2024.